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Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F

As you grow older, you have to pay more attention to your health. This is because your body is weaker than it used to be. You have more medical health needs. All these cost money. The government set up Medicare to help you pay for some of your medical needs as you get older. However, Medicare helps a lot but does not cover all you need. With a Medicare Supplement Plan, this helps cover the expenses that Original Medicare does not.

If you want a hassle-free Medigap, you should consider buying a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan F. You should know that new beneficiaries are not enrolled in Medicare supplement plan F. But the plan still has a lot to offer those that are already on the program.

Who Is Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Cross Blue Shield started from two separate beneficial partnerships between physicians and patients.

Blue Cross started in 1929 before merging with Blue Shield in the 1940s. They provide access to high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has had a working relationship with federal government employees since 1960. They were among the first companies that offered Medicare. BCBS offers basic plans Medigap like Plan A and B, premier plans like Plan C, F and G, and budget plans like High Deductible Plan F, Plans K, L, and N.

Why Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F is one of the best Medicare Supplement plans available. This is because Plan F is a complete Medigap plan. A list of Medicare Supplement Plan F benefits includes:

  • It covers 100% of your Part A deductible and coinsurance
  • Covers 100% of your Part B deductible, coinsurance and 100 percent of excess charges
  • Free access to most services covered by Medicare
  • Co-payment for skilled nursing facility
  • 100% coverage for the first three pints of blood
  • Access to emergency and urgent care worldwide
  • 365 days of hospital stay after Medicare coverage expires
  • Skilled nursing facility co-payment, hospice care, and home healthcare approved services
  • After a $250 cost, 80 percent foreign travel emergency care (up to $50,000 lifetime)
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Besides the generic benefits listed above, Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F offers various advantages. These advantages get you the fastest and most reliable health solutions possible.

  • They provide a quick and trustworthy online surgery decision guide via WelvieSM.
  • You get household, automatic payments and year in advance payment discounts.
  • They give you free access to their 24-Hour Nurse Line in case you need professional attention. They provide constant member discounts via the Blue365 program.
  • And they grant you access to lifestyle webinars from the professionals of the Blue Cross Virtual Well-Being program.

Blue Cross also pays special interest to treatments like renal dialysis, podiatry services, and chiropractic services. They also give free occupational, physical, speech, group, and individual therapies.

Finally, you can ask questions and get help from their reliable customer service. Their agents are calm and polite. This makes it easier for you to track your claims, pay, or find the information that you need. Medicare claims with Mutual of Omaha are usually paid within 12 hours.

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Plan F Discontinued

All Medicare Supplement Plans that provide coverage for Part B deductibles were discontinued in January 2021. Medigap Plan F and Plan C, are, therefore, no longer available for new beneficiaries.

If you have signed up for a Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F before January 2020, your coverage continues. You will always get the full Plan F coverage.

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Medicare Supplement PlanF

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