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Humana Medicare Supplement Plan F

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan F

As we await to usher in another year, 2021, some of the various Humana Medicare supplement plans may limit some individuals. The plan F supplement plan, which is the ultimate target for this article, may not be accessible to the public. Individuals who had not earlier enrolled in the plan may not benefit from it coming next year.

Although it is a rare occurrence, those with the plan’s experience can renew it and continue to enjoy its benefits. However, they need to buckle themselves and get ready to pay for the high fees.

Please go through some of the plan F benefits you will enjoy; the rates involved alongside the various ways detailing how to enroll in the plan.

Plan F Benefits

Unlike other supplement options, plan F is a popular standardized supplement plan that covers at least 100% of the costs, which may include the following:

  • Medicare part A and B deductible
  • Medicare part B excess costs
  • Medicare part A coinsurance and inpatient hospital costs.
  • Copays under the Medicare part B
  • Blood (the initial 3 pints) required during a medical procedure
  • Coinsurance costs for a skilled nursing facility center
  • Foreign travel emergency up to the limits
  • Emergency overseas medical expenses

There is also the high deductible plan Medicare supplement plan F option. However, an individual must pay for the annual fees before the plan covers the Medicare out-of-pocket charges. The plan F benefits come along with the higher premium charges for the beneficiary. The section below entails some of the Humana Medigap Plan F rates involved.

Humana Medigap Plan F Rates

The rates involved in the Humana Medigap Plan F vary depending on the zip code, gender, age, and others consider the health of the beneficiary. For instance, a woman of at least 65 years residing in the Lexington region of South Carolina may have multiple options from the Humana Medigap plan F. The standard option has monthly costs of around $148, while the Healthy Living plan option ranges around $153 every month.

Beneficiaries of the same age and gender residing in other regions such as Centreville, VA, may have Humana Medigap Plan F rates of a premium amount of around $131.02.

How To Enroll

The new laws imposed on the Medigap plan limit some costs, including the Medicare part B deductible. The newly set changes became effective as of 1st January 2020. Some of the plans that cover the costs, as mentioned above, were also affected, including the supplement Plan F.

It merely dictates that individuals who enrolled in Medicare in the affected year cannot enjoy the benefits the plan F has to offer. However, individuals who earlier qualified for Medicare, but did not get an opportunity to enroll in the plan before, can purchase the plan F policy.


Plan F is one of the comprehensive options of the Medigap plans. It offers broader coverage of costs, unlike the standard version of Medicare. Plan F is, however, not accessible to individuals newly joining Medicare. Only earlier beneficiaries can enjoy the policy.

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